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Welcome to Pro-Team BD

Many of you reading this blog will know me already but for some of you this will be our first interaction. Whether you are an old friend or new I would like to welcome you all to Pro-Team BD.

For many years I have worked in the Sales & Business Development space and am excited to be launching my own business to help others navigate the choppy waters of generating leads and converting them to sales. It sounds so simple when you say it quickly, but we all know, it’s not.

What worked last year has no guarantee of working this year, markets become saturated, costs to generate leads fluctuate, resource changes and it all effects the return on investment and the conversion rate, which, as we also know, determines the viability of that lead source and the effectiveness of the conversion process.

With so many factors impacting on the conversion from lead to sales, I often found myself frustrated at how time consuming and complex it was to revise strategies, find new lead providers and test the conversion process, not to mention having the right people to do the right job when you needed them most. No business has months to waste on finding and trialling a new lead source that, in the end, just does not deliver.

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, many businesses have had to rethink how they generate and service leads, many are still trying to resolve those issues and probably will be for some time to come. The world has changed and if businesses are to not just survive but to thrive in these challenging times, they need to find a better way of investing in business development, where there is more certainty and less trial and error.

So often businesses are going in blind, as they don’t have the right advice, people or processes to create success or develop and execute a solid strategy. In many cases they are utilising a Manager from another department to fulfil all aspects of the BD role when they just don’t have the knowledge, skills or experience required.

I have also been frustrated by the amount of time it takes to revise a BD strategy, and find the full resource to execute that strategy. There wasn’t a central platform where I could find all the help I needed that could hit the ground running. Whether that’s someone to develop the perfect strategy, run a digital campaign, write copy, design graphics, resource exhibitions, execute social media, telemarketing or email campaigns, convert leads, cleanse data or indeed manage the whole process and the people within it, whichever way you look at it, it is far too complex and needlessly time consuming to meet the needs of growing businesses.

So, out of my frustrations, Pro-Team BD came to life. I am determined to change the way we think about our Business Development strategies and how we resource them. It really shouldn’t be this difficult to grow a business. Instead of thinking recruitment, we should be thinking, outsource. We should be able to access the right people to do the right task for the right cost at the right time. It shouldn’t be such a gamble. We should have more certainty that the people we are relying on to generate and convert leads can deliver and we should be able to scale our BD function with ease, as the business need dictates.

Pro-Team BD has handpicked a wide range of BD professionals from all sectors of industry across all Biz Dev services. Whether you are in manufacturing looking for a Telemarketer or Construction looking to develop a Social Media strategy or a start-up needing to get your product or service out to market, Pro-Team BD can help.

To find out more about Pro Team BD and how we can support your business growth or to register as one of our trusted, vetted Service Providers, get in touch at or call me, Julie Barry, on 07885 911877.

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