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Pro-Team BD

F O R   S E R V I C E   U S E R S

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Your Biz Dev, Sorted.

As a business, you want a Biz Dev team that seamlessly integrates into your processes and ideology. A team who is driven, believes in your vision and can lead the way in putting your business in front of the right people. 

If you want the right team to guarantee your future success, you need Pro-Team BD. Our team, is your team.

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What We Are

Pro-Team BD was born from our founders experience of recruiting teams and overseeing strategies to meet the ongoing demand for generating new leads, generating sales, maintaining repeat business, remaining present in PR and keeping audiences engaged on social media. All the while being agile enough to move with the times and remain current in highly competitive sectors.

What We're Not

Pro-Team BD are not a recruitment company. We provide trusted outsourced professionals to deliver the services you need for the amount of time you need. In other words, we ensure you get the right team to do the right task for the right cost.

Finding The Resource To

Grow Your Business Shouldn't Be Difficult

Are you facing these challenges? Pro-Team BD are here to help...

✬ You need to generate more sales

✬ You need outsourced resource to manage the process or carry out your BD activities

✬ You don’t have the in-house resource to manage the process or carry out your BD activities

✬ You need the expertise and the contacts to source the right providers

✬ You need a timely and affordable solution to sourcing the experts to fulfil your strategy

✬ You only need a temporary boost or additional support to supplement your existing activities

✬ You need to get it right as you don't have the time or the budget for trial and error

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Examples Of How Pro-Team BD Can Help

Our Team Of Providers Are Your Team Of Experts

Audit of current strategy & processes

Strategy development, implementation  & management

Growth support & entry to markets

Email, telemarketing & lead-gen providers

Digital marketing, graphics & content

Sales-people, networkers and lead converters

Trainers, coaches and mentors

Social media management & campaigns

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How We Work With Clients

We have two levels of service, our Facilitation Service and our Fully Managed Service

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Facilitation Service

A Guiding Hand

Grow your Business with greater speed and simplicity, with less risk, by using the Pro-Team BD Facilitation Service. From our team of Business Development professionals, we source the people you need to develop and execute your strategy.

Whether you need a full team or some additional expertise to supplement your existing team, Pro-Team BD can help.

Step 1: Identify needs
We meet with you to discuss your needs and understand your goals and aspirations.

Step 2: Agree way forward
We agree the timeline, resource and expertise required and develop a plan of action. This may take several conversations over a few days.

Step 3: Select outsourced resource
We source a selection of providers from our vetted, experienced professionals for you to choose your preferred provider. We support the instigation of the campaigns then you take over management of your new outsourced resource.

If you require more leadership and management of your Business Development Strategy your business would benefit from using our Fully Managed Service.

Business Plan
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Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed, Fully Delivered.

Utilise our full range of Management and Biz Dev skills, and simplify the process even more, by using the Pro-Team BD Fully Managed Service. If you have big plans to grow your business but don’t have the time or the resource in house to manage those plans through to fruition our Fully Managed Service could be the key to your success.

Step 1-2: The same as our Facilitation Service.

Step 3: Sourcing the right professionals for your business

We source a selection of providers from our vetted experienced professionals for you to choose your preferred provider.

Step 4: campaign set up
We liaise with your preferred providers to set up the campaigns, set the targets and manage the activities, in
accordance with the pre agreed strategy and action plan.

Step 5: Manage delivery
As your outsourced Biz Dev manager, Pro-Team BD actively manage the execution of your Business Development Strategy and Action Plan through hands on management of your outsourced service providers.

Step 6: Report and review

We review the activity and results from your campaigns and supply a full suite of management reports, so you have
clear visibility of activity and results. Through regular discussions, with you and the service providers, we can be sure that your campaigns will be effectively managed to meet your goals.

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Our Team Is Your Team

With many years’ experience in managing the Sales and Business Development process we understand the challenges experienced by many companies. That's why we have carefully selected a full range of Sales & Business Development Professionals to meet the needs of most businesses across most sectors.

If you need outsourced professional and experienced Sales & Business Development people, Pro-Team BD can provide the right fit for you and your business. Whether you are looking to enter new markets, grow your business or try new ways of generating leads, using traditional methods of recruiting employees to deliver is a huge investment of time and money. Getting it right takes constant management and agility.

Working with Pro-Team BD you can access the full range of experience & expertise needed to implement your strategy successfully whilst paying the right person, the right cost to do the right task at the right time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

F O R   S E R V I C E   U S E R S

For Service Users: FAQ

What Do Pro-Team BD Do?

Fees are dependent on the services you use. Pro-Team BD will charge a fixed fee for the service we provide, whether that’s the Facilitation Service or the Fully Managed service. A fee is also charged for the activities carried out by the Service Provider. All fees are agreed in advance and paid monthly directly to Pro-Team BD.

Who Are Your Service Provides?

Experts in their field, vetted by us. In other words, they are professionals we trust, so you can too.

What Does It Cost?

Pricing varies depending on how much resource is needed for your strategy. Once we understand your business needs, we will be able to provide a complete breakdown of the costs involved for the strategy you wish to implement, so there are no nasty surprises down the line.

Who Is This For?

Any business, start-up or well established, looking to optimise and grow any part of their business development strategy.

What Biz Dev services do you offer?

We have just about whatever you need for when it comes to qualified and vetted specialists. Our expert service providers have skills in fields such as SEO, Google Ads, Business Networking, Sales Training, Business Coaching, Lead Generation and more.

How do you charge your fees?

The client pays Pro-Team BD directly. Pro-Team BD then takes a cut of the amount received before paying out the majority directly to the service provider, keeping it easy for everyone.

What if I don't know what strategy I need?

Sometimes it can be hard to know what will really add value to your business. But don't worry, we are happy to talk to you to understand where your business is at and understand what you're looking to achieve with your Biz Dev & Sales, before creating a high performing business strategy with you.

Can you work alongside my current Biz Dev team?

Absolutely! We work seamlessly to fit in alongside any staff or processes you already have in place, to help you in achieving your goals.

I'm a start-up, can I still use Pro-Team BD?

Of course! We work with start-up to help you propel your business in the right direction. We know you need flexibility, support and results - Pro-Team BD will provide all three.

Can Pro-Team BD provide short-term temporary support?

Absolutely! Pro-Team BD can provide support and resource for a short-term or long-term campaign. Whether you want a full team or one person to supplement your existing activities pro-Team BD offer unique Biz Dev solutions to meet your business needs.

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