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F O R   S E R V I C E


For Service Providers: Welcome

As A Biz Dev Professional, You Will...

As a professional service provider, you will no doubt have a network of clients who trust you and rely on you to meet their BD needs. But do you always have the time to generate new relationships for your own business?

As a registered provider for Pro-Team BD, your services will reach a wider range of clients, giving support to businesses who really value your support and input to achieve their business goals.

Simpler For Everyone

It costs nothing to register as one of our vetted professional providers!

For services procured following the Pro-Team BD introduction we will charge a percentage of the fee paid by the client to the provider. The fee is agreed at the initial Suitability Discussion. Meaning everything is 100% transparent with no surprises for anyone.

Do You Always Have Time To Generate New Relationships
For Your Own Business?

We Keep It Easy For Everyone:

✬ We discuss the client requirements

✬ We agree the service you can provide

✬ We agree the costs to the client and our fee with you

✬ We gain your consent to share your information with the client

✬ If chosen as a potential provider by the client, we'll introduce you to make the final arrangements

✬ We let you know if you were not selected by the client and provide feedback as appropriate

For Service Providers: List
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How It Works

If you are looking to take the next step in developing your business, by offering your services on a greater scale to a diverse range of clients, joining the Pro-Team BD team of outsourced service providers could be the right next steps for you and your business.

Connecting exceptional businesses with exceptional people is what we do.

​Pro-Team BD take out the leg work of finding, onboarding and managing clients. Leaving you to do your valuable work, for clients who really need and value your input. 

​We will speak with you to understand the services you offer, at the price you wish to charge. As clients come to us looking for the services you provide, we will put you forward as a viable option, should you meet their requirements. We will, of course, speak to you first to check your suitability and availability.

​Pro-Team BD will work alongside you to manage the clients Biz Dev strategy, to maintain a fruitful and long-lived relationship between us, you and our client. 

​Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

For Service Providers: About Me

Download Our Service Providers One Pager

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For Service Providers: Files

Register As A Pro-Team BD Service Provider

Want to work with businesses who really value your input? We'd love to hear from you. Fill in a few details about your business and what you offer, we'll then be in touch to discuss further.

Thanks for submitting!

For Service Providers: Support

"Through working with Pro-Team BD, it's opened doors for me to reach more businesses in need of my services. Having already spoken to the client, Pro-Team BD reach out to me to fill me in with everything I need to know so I can hit the ground running."

- Kris Goodenough, Red Ibex Creative -

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Frequently Asked Questions

F O R  S E R V I C E  P R O V I D E R S

For Service Providers: FAQ

What Do Pro-Team BD Do?

Fees are dependent on the services you use. Pro-Team BD will charge a fixed fee for the service we provide, whether that’s the Facilitation Service or the Fully Managed service. A fee is also charged for the activities carried out by the Service Provider. All fees are agreed in advance and paid monthly directly to Pro-Team BD.

Who Are Your Service Provides?

Experts in their field, who are looking to widen their service offering to a new and diverse range of clients. In other words, they are people we trust.

What Does It Cost?

We take a percentage of the total amount payable by the client. You let us know how much you wish to charge for your services, which we will put forward to suitable clients should they need your service offering in their strategy. This means there are no nasty surprises for anyone.

Who Is This For?

Any business offering a Sales, Marketing or Biz Dev service who is looking to reach more clients.

What Biz Dev services do you offer?

Whatever service you offer, we're confident it will be a useful addition to our customers who will really value your time and input.

How do you charge your fees?

Pro-Team BD charges the client for their services plus those of the Service Provider. We then pass you're payment to you, less our agreed fee.

How am I paid?

Once we have received payment from the client, you invoice Pro-Team BD for your fee, which will be paid within 3 working days.

I am a Freelancer, can I join?

Absolutely! If you are a specialist in your field and can add value to a clients Biz Dev campaign, we would love to speak with you.

I'm a start-up, can I still use Pro-Team BD as a service provider?

Of course! We work with a whole array of businesses to give tailor made support and direction to businesses who need it.

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